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Calling all Couch Potatoes!

Do you like to watch TV?

Would you like to Look Better & Feel Better?

  Now you can with NO GUILT TV!

You can watch TV and Get Back in Shape!  From the comfort of your favorite couch or chair, you can start your new exercise program and skip commercials  ............

WHILE you watch your favorite TV programs.

Couch Potato DVDs make it easy to exercise. They are exercise specific. And these specific exercises make you feel good!  Plus, you will:

  • Improve your Circulation  (No more cold toes)
  • Increase your Muscle Tone  (More muscles Burn More Fat!) 
  • Improve your Core Postural Muscle Strength and Stability   
  • Find your Neutral Spine Position (Reduce Back Pain!)
  • Breathe and Relax (Improve your immune system & health)
  • Increase your Joint Range of Motion (Ease Aches & Pains)
  • Feel HEALTHY Again!! 

We make it easy to exercise, easy to get started and easy to keep going. All this while avoiding those pesky commercials.

"Couch Potato DVD, Level One
 On the Couch"


Inertia is one of the hardest things to get past when you want to start exercising. So, we make exercising easy.

The Couch Potato DVD, Level One is one of the simplest ways to ease into exercise. You can start feeling better and start living a new, healthier lifestyle. Just get comfortable on the couch, watch your favorite TV program and when the commercial comes on, click over to the DVD and learn a new 2 minute exercise. Then switch back to your program and relax while you watch TV and wait for the next commercial.

The Couch Potato DVD, Level One teaches you exercises in 2 minute segments that:

  •  increase circulation to your feet and lower legs 
  •  connect with your core and trunk muscles 
  •  increase joint range of motion 
  •  teach you how to find your neutral spine position 
  •  strengthen your postural muscles 
  •  circulate oxygen throughout your body 
  •  release your muscle tension leaving you relaxed 

When you get up off the couch, you'll notice a new sensation. You'll stand straighter, feel refreshed and energized. How can something so simple be so effective? The answer is specificity of exercise. When you do a specific exercise for a specific purpose, you achieve a specific result.

The Couch Potato DVD, Level One is designed to help you achieve results.

As you become skilled at these exercises, you may want to continue exercising into your TV program. Why would you want to exercise beyond commercials? Because you will like the feel and you will definitely like the results you are getting. Suddenly, you'll realize that you have broken thru the inertial barrier and have begun to enjoy exercise!

And this is the key to a successful exercise program - start at a level that gives you success! That is where Couch Potato DVD, Level One begins - right where you are.

The Couch Potato DVD, Level One, On The Couch


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